This page contains instructions for creating the Risk Legacy bonus cards pack.

Instructions (which are spoiler-free) are visible on this page. The contents of the pack (which are spoilers) are shown only when this page is printed. Read this page and create a packet holder as below, then print this page (without peeking!), and then fold and store it. This packet is designed such that it can be hand-made without affecting gameplay -- that is, there are no events that have to blend into the event deck, and so forth.

The bonus cards packet is opened by the following instructions (create them as a placeholder, or write them on the outside of an envelope, etc):

Open when the third Green scar is placed.

Note that the green scar is not initially available.

If you reach a point where you are reasonably sure that all scars have been opened (bearing in mind that one sticker slot on the faction boards is for scars), and it looks like it will be impossible to place three green scars -- say, if only one scar card is left and it's green -- it's fine to go ahead and open this packet.

The War Progresses

War attracts all sorts, some of whom are very handy.  Enclosed are five mercenaries, specialists who will work for whatever faction needs their services.  Include these cards in the draft at the start of the game, following all draft rules.  Undrafted mercenaries are returned to the box.

Draft Cards: Mercenaries

  1. Nomad (3P): You cannot start in a territory containing a Major City, even if you founded it.  All other unoccupied territories, regardless of any marks, are legal starting territories for you.
  2. Radar Specialist (3P): Missiles cannot be used in any combat you are involved in during this game.
  3. Sentinel (3P): Every HQ you control is treated as FORTIFIED as long as you have 8+ troops in the territory containing the HQ.
  4. Ambassador (4P): All unoccupied territories that contain Major Cities are legal starting territories for you, even if you didn't found them.
  5. Bomb Specialist (5P): You may choose to DEMOLISH your starting HQ when you lose control of it.