Risk: Legacy Attack Odds

PlayerAvg WinWin Pct
A2 / D0A1 / D1A0 / D2
Attacker Die 1Attacker must roll 1 die
Attacker Die 2Attacker rolls 2nd die?
Attacker Die 3Attacker rolls 3rd die?
Defender Die 1Defender must roll 1 die
Defender Die 2Defender rolls 2nd die?
Defender +1 BothDefender adds 1 to both dice (Fortification)
Defender +1 HighDefender adds 1 to higher die (Bunker)
Defender -1 HighDefender subtracts 1 from higher die (Ammo Shortage)
Defender -1 LowDefender subtracts 1 from lower die (Enclave of the Bear power)
Attacker MissileAttacker uses a Missile
Defender MissileDefender uses a Missile